Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer, feel free to contact us today.

Q. How long does the service take?

A. 1/2 day to full day depending on the services required but count on us having your vehicle for a full day in most instances.

Q. I have a small stain on the seat, can you get it out?

A. Most stains are no problem and although we generally have outstanding results with removing stains, we can’t guarantee it will be fully gone. Sometimes it can take multiple details to get the stain completely removed.

Q. I have a pet and their fur is everywhere. Can the pet hair be removed?

A. Pet hair is no problem and nominal pet hair removal is included in my detailing packages. But for those with excessive amounts, please visit my A LA CARTE and read the Excessive Pet Hair section. When I detail an interior, pet hair is one of the most time-consuming parts. I always do my best to remove all pet hair by vacuum and by hand to ensure your interior is left hair free.

Q. What does your A LA CARTE Menu mean?

A. Our detailing service can be customized to your individual needs. If you would like us to concentrate on a certain area, our professional team will adjust to your needs. Just give us a call to discuss what you’re looking for and we’ll deliver a customized service specific to you and your needs.

Q. What is detailing?

A. Detailing is a specialized process of keeping your vehicle appearance as close to showroom condition as possible. Our aim is to have your car looking the way it did when you drove it off the lot.

Q. How often should I detail my car?

A. Consider detailing your car whenever you get your oil changed or twice a year to promote optimal car health. Detailing depends of the wear and tear of your car and your expectation of how you want your vehicle to look. Detailing increases your car resale value and appearance and expands the overall life of your vehicle.

Q. What is Detailing Clay? Why is Detailing Clay used on cars?

A. Used properly, detailing clay is completely safe and nonabrasive. Its a much better option than polishing to remove these contaminants because clay doesn’t remove any paint.

Q. Can paint scratches be safely removed from my car?

A. Yes, by you should keep in mind the following: If scratches have only gone through one or two coats of the clear coat, they can be wet sanded out.

Q. Can paint polishing or car buffing damage my car?

A. Paint polishing (or car buffing as it is also known) can damage your car if it’s done by the wrong person.