Headlight Restoration in Austin, TX

Headlights, over time you might take them for granted. Sure you replace light bulbs when they’ve burned out, but you might stop paying attention to how they look when they seem to be working. You’re not thinking about headlight restoration at all when you’re just driving around Austin, TX. You wash your car regularly, so you assume the headlights are getting clean too.

But over time, headlights can start to get cloudy and have a yellow appearance, instead of the clear lenses that they came with. They start to look dingy looking and ugly. Regular car washing doesn’t stop this from happening. Plus driving at night is extra dangerous with cloudy headlights because poor visibility is a contributing factor in many road and highway accidents.

Add to this the fact that headlights are expensive to replace. They can run over $250 for American cars and even more for high performance foreign made vehicles. It can be tempting to purchase one of those DIY kits that look so simple when some salesperson corners you at the gas station. But those kits are more complicated than they look during a demo of just the spray. You could wind up causing more damage to your car’s headlights, costing you, even more, money. That’s why you need to call the experienced professionals at Dub Coates. We’ll make sure your headlights look like they did when you first fell in love with your vehicle.

headlight restoration before after

Our expert headlight restoration service will:

  • Save you money vs replacement of headlights
  • Bring your old headlights back to looking like new
  • Remove cloudiness, yellowing, dirt, and damage
  • Improve nighttime driving visibility
  • Improve your vehicle’s appearance
  • Raise the value of your car

When your headlights need attention, don’t waste your time and money on kits or inferior detailers, call Dub Coates instead.

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