Leather Cleaning in Austin, TX

leather cleaningAt Dub Coates, we know you want your vehicle looking great. When you think of your car, you probably picture the outside. But what about your automobile’s interior? It’s depressing to drive around in a dirty vehicle that’s seen better days with stained or dull leather seats and faded trim. Plus lots of detailing shops will just tack leather cleaning on as part of an interior package. But Dub Coates doesn’t treat any service like a package deal. We’re not a car wash who happens to have detail services. In fact, we’re the best at automotive leather cleaning in Austin, TX.

We don’t just clean and polish your car, we restore it. There’s a reason our customer reviews say we made their old cars look like the day they bought them, it’s because we take pride in making sure every vehicle we work on is perfect. We’ve been cleaning and restoring automotive leather and interiors of automobiles for over 40 years. When you bring your car or truck to Dub Coates, you know it’s going to be done right.

Auto Detailing by Dub Coates cleans leather and more. Some of the interior leather and interior detailing services we provide include:

  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

    Leather car seats need regular cleaning and protection because they are prone to drying out. We will clean and condition your car’s seats so they look like new.

  • Leather Restoration & Repair

    If you haven’t been able to keep your leather seats in top condition or you’ve just purchased an older vehicle that you want to restore, we can take cracked, stained, and worn leather seats and make them look brand new.

  • Interior Trim cleaning & Conditioning:

    We do more than just superficially clean your car. Areas like the dashboard, doors, console, etc also need attention. We won’t neglect any part of your vehicle ever.

  • Interior Trim Restoration & Repair

    Just like your leather seats, your automobile’s interior can show signs of wear and tear over time. We can restore it’s original color and condition even when parts of the surface have chipped off or faded.

  • Maintenance Detailing

    We know once we’ve brought your vehicle back to its original condition, you will want to keep it that way with routine detailing.

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