Your car is your pride and joy, and you keep it looking great, but there’s nothing worse than coming out of your home to go to work in the morning, or heading back to the parking lot at the grocery store to discover that somebody scratched or chipped the paint with their car door, a shopping cart, or on purpose because they’re a jerk with a grudge. We get it. It’s happened to us too.

We know you’ve probably seen the do it yourself detailing videos on YouTube that make it seem so easy to get scratches out of your car’s paint. Do you really want to risk ruining the paint even further or damaging something else? Your vehicle’s paint has several layers. There’s the clear coat, the base coat, and the primer coat. The correct technique for fixing the damage depends on the depth of the scratch, the type of car and the color of the paint.

The reason the videos make it look easy, is they only show you how to fix a superficial scratch in the clear coat, they usually already know what they’re doing because they’re professional or skilled amateur detailers, and they often heavily edit their videos. In the end, by trying to remove paint scratches yourself, you could wind up spending more money than if you’d just called Dub Coates and had us remove them instead.

There are all sorts of reasons the paint on your car can get damaged. We can fix all sorts of damage, including scratches from:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accidents
  • Door slams
  • Keying
  • Car washes
  • Bad waxing or paint conditioning
  • Paint distortions
  • Shopping carts
  • Do it yourself attempts at detailing
  • Improper paint blending
  • Rocks and other debris on the road

When your vehicle has paint damage, you can rely on Dub Coates for automotive paint scratch repair here in Austin, TX. Our expert detailing and automotive scratch removal will wow you. Even your older vehicles will look as good as the day you bought them. So what are you waiting for? Call Dub Coates today.