★★★★★ | May 18, 2017

“A month ago, I decided to get my husband’s car detailed for his birthday as a surprise. Unfortunately, the company that I’d originally contacted to do it canceled on me at the last minute. I’d taken the afternoon off from work and my husband would be home soon. Frantically, I typed in “Auto detailing in Austin” on Google, and after calling a few places who all said there were no appointments available same-day, I stumbled upon Dub Coates’ listing. Best decision ever! Dub took my time-sensitive situation into account and within 30 minutes I’d booked it over there. He set me up in his air-conditioned office, gave me his wifi password, and left me to work on my laptop as he personally detailed my car over the course of 3 hours. He was incredibly thorough, detail-oriented, and very informative about the process. I’m pretty sure he’s been in the business for about 40 years so he knows Austin’s detailing-business landscape like the back of his hand. He’ll answer any questions you have with confidence and a unique perspective. His prices aren’t ridiculously overpriced like a lot of the other places in Austin (something he’s said he is seriously intentional about, being a small business owner). I never once felt like I was getting ripped off and, at the end of the process, he walked me through everything he did to the car in meticulous detail (pun not intended!). Go to Dub. You won’t regret it. Suffice it to say, my husband was blown away by his birthday surprise! Thank you Dub! (P.S: Yes, Dub Coates is his REAL name!)”

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